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While Western Fans Pine for Lost Ark, Devs Lay Out the Road Ahead in Korea

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Many fans in the west remain disappointed that no news has come out about the possible release of Lost Ark. Simultaneously, however, Korean players have been enjoying the Smilegate MMO for over a month since its release in March. With the game's release, developers are peering into the game's future and have posted a brief roadmap of content coming in the future.

Some of the new content Korean players can expect in the coming months - 

  • Automated Route System that will be confined to sea travel
  • the continent of Yon with subterranean cities, harsh surface conditions and high level gear to collect
  • four new islands
  • a new open world boss
  • a marine-based dungeon

Developers have promised to reveal more about each of these upcoming features over the coming weeks.

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