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While Stability & Tech Issues Have Been the Focus, There's More to the Roadmap

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The Conan Exiles site has been updated with a new developer blog to inform players about forthcoming features and improvements. While the focus since launch has been fixing stability and other technical issues, the team wants the community to know that "there is more to our roadmap" than these issues. To that end, readers are treated to a brief look at what they can expect to see in-game over the coming weeks and months.

Major Updates include:

  • Taming & Pets
  • New Dungeon(s)
  • Jhebbal Sag Religion

Minor Updates include:

  • Archery  including Power Shot for Bow & special arrows
  • Combat & Animation including Off-hand Combos and Item Usage Animation
  • Modding with the automatic downloading of mods

The first DLC, The Imperial East Pack, a cosmetic only DLC that will come later this month. This is considered a "culture pack inspired by the Khitai in Hyboria".

It includes the following items: 

  • 3 new armor sets – Khitan Mercenary Armor (Light), Khitan Officer Armor (Medium) and Khitan Imperial Armor (Heavy). These armor sets are available from level 10, with an epic version at level 60 (requires epic tier materials to craft)
  • 11 new weapons with Khitai themed visuals. These will be available as iron tier and starmetal tier visuals and will have appropriate stats for those levels (and require level appropriate materials to craft)
  • 25 new placeables in Khitan style. These include new carpets, tables, braziers, lanterns, chairs, screens, drums etc.
  • 5 new decorative warpaints in Khitan style.
  • A new set of Tier 3 building pieces in the Khitan style.

Read the full post on the Conan Exiles site.


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