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While Servers Will Remain Open, Patches & Updates to Stop

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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With the imminent release of The Crew 2, further patches and updates for The Crew 1 will stop. The announcement was made on The Crew site in a developer blog post. While active development on the game has stopped, there are "no plans to shut down The Crew servers any time soon".

We will continue running occasional maintenances to ensure optimal performance, and our Support teams will remain available for any issues you may encounter.

With this in mind, after three years of continuous support we have taken the decision to make the already temporary halt on patches in The Crew, permanent. Moving forward, no new content will therefore be added to The Crew and its expansions The Crew Wild Run and The Crew® Calling All Units.

Read the full announcement on The Crew site.

For those interested in The Crew 2, it appears that an open beta phase may be forthcoming, with more information to be revealed at next week's E3. The Crew 2 is racing towards it release on June 29th.


Suzie Ford

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