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When High Isle Drops for ESO, ZeniMax Has a Few Suggestions on What to Do in New Preview

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For those that are waiting for The Elder Scrolls Online’s big new chapter, High Isle, there’s a new preview blog detailing some of the experiences in the zone that you shouldn’t miss. 

Because High Isle is a big update and the year's centerpiece chapter, there will be a lot to do. There will be lots to discover and to do (we previewed the new content here), and these recommendations will give you a bit of a tour.

First, they recommend closing volcanic fissures. We’ve been introduced to the Systres Archipelago, made up of volcanic islands, but there will be many volcanic vents erupting. big or small, these will all have the potential to stir up some trouble, especially when they start spawning monsters. 

The volcanic vents function as a series of world events that you can join in with other players to close. They will appear on the Overworld map so you can see where they are popping up.

Ghost Haven Bay sounds like an inviting place, and there you will find one of the two public dungeons that High Isle contains. With the right group, and the right strategy, you might even get out of this cursed place alive. 

Also recently introduced is the island of Amenos, a complicated and hard prison island that is populated by some crafty and challenging types. While there on Amenos, there is a recommended activity to take on, finding and challenging Whalefall Delve. This area is a site you can find that has a reputation for both humans and mer being hunted. If you dare, there may be both secrets and rewards.

Depending on how much of a challenge you want to take on that day, you might also go in search of the Glemyos Wildhorn world boss. This is a tricky, bipedal creature located in Faun Falls. Bring a group with you to this tricky, intelligent boss.

Of course, maybe you just want to take a sightseeing tour. The islands and all that high aisle brings will definitely give you enough to explore around, which will also let you discover new companions, NPCs, crafting options, and of course daily quests and other things to keep you busy.

Read the full blog over at The Elder Scrolls Online.


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