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What's Going on with The Wagadu Chronicles? Here's the Latest Update on Development

Steven Weber Posted:
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The Wagadu Chronicles successfully funded their Kickstarter campaign with 163% over their initial funding goal of €100K. Since then, Twindrums has been busy putting their Afro-fantasy game together, and recently shared several tweets depicting some changes and progress that has been made up to this point.

To start, Twin Drums introduced a new team member to their backers, Harrison Yinfaowei, who was brought in to assist in building the architecture that players will see in The Wagadu Chronicles. The team also put together a short video showing off the different biomes that they are working on in the game currently. Aside from a desert, forest, and some lake areas, the short gif also shows off the day and night cycle of the game.

Dialogue modes and the UI have also seen substantial progress, as well as the creation of character models with lineage-specific physical traits. These traits along with their ongoing work with their cultural appearance lore will shape the different cultures that players will see and interact with in The Wagadu Chronicles, including the newly introduced Batsira.

The Batsira believe that life is a constant race to make the ancestors proud and strive to achieve great things. They don't believe that directly governing is the best course of action and adhere to the principle of "Shepherding the Elephant Herd" which means influencing society without directly taking over, just like lions pushing Elephants into some specific direction.

-The Twin Drums Team, The Wagadu Chronicles

More information can be found at the official kickstarter update page. The Wagadu Chronicles previously teased some savanna art, and showed off the different foliage you’ll encounter as you traverse the landscape. In conjunction with their successful Kickstarter campaign, Twin Drums has also found additional funding from Medienboard to make their game a reality. The team is also working on a 5E tabletop game built within the same universe.


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