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What's Ahead For Dual Universe? Better Planets, PvE, PvP Improvements and More

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Novaquark is giving a  look at some of what we can expect for Dual Universe as the team begins focusing on expanding content and features. The team is coming off a post-launch period where they concentrated on fixing issues, shoring up systems, and otherwise supporting their release. Now, Novaquark’s Mark van den Heuvel (NQ-Deckard) takes us into some of what the team plans for the road ahead. 

While the team continues to work on quality of life changes, and enhanced gameplay,  there is more to do on the way too. First up are new and better planets. After recently releasing a revamped version of the planet Talemai, and reflecting on progress and community response, they've decided to slow things down a bit in order to take more time to make every planet that they add feel different. Adding more of these different details in all aspects of the design process will slow down the pace of new planets coming into the game, but it should make them better. 

Community feedback has also changed the team’s mind on one feature. In the works is the first PvE mission system. Originally, they decided not to focus on PvE combat, but this has been a feature that the community has requested, feeling like there was a gap. The first version will feature scalable missions to support all group sizes, including solo, and see players go into combat in their ships.  

On the other side, expect PVP improvements. These might come in the form of restrictions, like the ability to remove cargo while in combat, multi crew ship setups, or increasing the importance of or even requiring voxel armor onboard. They’re figuring out just what this will look like, but this should give an idea.

Other changes include cohesive joystick support along with a Lua configuration rework, and building the  constructs designed by the pre-launch Build Your Legacy contest winners. 

You can read all the changes over at Dual Universe.


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