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What Happened with Embers Adrift in February? Here's the State of the Game Recap

Steven Weber Posted:
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It’s no surprise that Stormhaven Studios has been much more active lately when it comes to showing off their prize indie title. With Embers Adrift emerging from its Alpha cocoon into Beta testing this month, the team provided a short list of achievements that they accomplished in February in preparation for the Beta release.

In the latest state of the game newsletter for Embers Adrift information of February’s testing and lead-in to beta was divulged. In February, Stormhaven was able to show off the new zone The Meadowlands, and they received plenty of feedback on the new crafting UI, which they deem as a success based on the tester’s response. The team goes into a little explanation of the system in the newsletter:

The new crafting UI was well received by our testers. It now features a list of possible recipes, a preview of a resulting items, a drop down window to select which materials from your inventory you can use with each recipe, and a level slider for crafters to adjust item levels. Our crafting system utilizes all materials no matter what level they are - you use the level slider to adjust the resulting item level. This means copper is just as valuable at level 30 as it is at level 1.

As you progress as a crafter you unlock the ability to use more materials from around the world which will provide you with a greater variety of outputs. Materials used in crafting contribute in different ways to the resulting items, for example, greaves made with bear leather will have different attributes than greaves made with quillback leather while using the same recipe. Dive into our crafting sphere and check out it's versatility and depth next time you’re in game.

-Embers Adrift Community Team

Now that the NDA has been dropped for Embers Adrift players that jump into the game are free to stream and chat about it, though testing is still limited to Wednesday evenings and weekends for the moment. You can join the beta test by purchasing a pre-order copy of the game, however, if you’re still on the fence, there are several recent streamers that you can watch to determine whether you’d like to jump in, or wait for a full release.


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