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We've Played Over 218,000 Years of Guild Wars 2 Since Its Launch 9 Years Ago

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To celebrate the 9th anniversary of Guild Wars 2, the folks over at ArenaNet put out an infographic highlighting some fun and truly insane stats.

Over the course of the past nine years, over 16 million Guild Wars 2 accounts were created since 2012. This means we’ve played over 1.9 billion hours which comes out to over 218,000 years. That’s a lot of Guild Wars 2.

In that time, we’ve earned 12 billion achievement points. Fortunately, the servers have held strong these past nine years, with an uptime of over 99.9% according to ArenaNet. The community has been quite generous as well, donating $381,659 to Extra Life.

The infographic also points out we’ve been downed over 11 million times by unruly pocket raptors, and we’ve used /gg over 60 million times in raids, fractals of the mists, and strike missions. Additionally, we’ve defeated over 354 million players in WvW. Over 1.3 million of us have also been defeated during no-downed state events.

To celebrate the anniversary, ArenaNet is delivering gifts and rewards to the first character of yours to reach the nine-year milestone on your account. If you’ve been playing Guild Wars 2 since the pre-launch early access period, you’ll be among the first players to receive these gifts.

ArenaNet also provided information on the upcoming technical betas. These include a planned upgrade to DirectX11 and the in-game World vs. World Alliances server restructuring. DirectX11 integration will go into beta testing on September 21. You’ll be able to opt-in through the in-game options menu. Be sure leave feedback on the forums.

Later in September, the World vs. World Alliances beta will also kick into gear with a week-long beta test for players to experience the new server infrastructure and WvW process. You can check here for some of the more recent news.

In related news, we have impressions for you on the End of Dragons beta, which is now live. Have you been playing Guild Wars 2 since the beginning? Sound off below.


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