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Wemade Opens WEMIX PLAY Hub With a Launch Batch of 16 Blockchain Games, Including MIR4

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WEMIX PLAY, the central hub for blockchain gaming company Wemade, has launched with 16 available titles, including MIR4. the new platform enables access to play and earn games, and places to trade, earn resources, and even cross-game reinvestment.

With the growth of blockchain-based gaming, and companies like Wemade focusing both its own properties, like the Legend of Mir IP,  and acquisitions as “play and earn”, offering a hub makes sense. Their focus is on offering a number of games and experiences, but making it simpler to play, potential earn, and trade with others.

WEMIX Play will let those who have spend time playing and establishing ownership in its games to be able to reinvest some of their collected assets into other titles available on the platform, which could increase return. In addition to a central game hub where players can access the various games available, there is a dashboard showing the price of tokens, a token swap interface, auctions, and other resources. 

Another offering coming to WEMIX PLAY is the Reflect coin, or RFT, which will eventually be a cross game token that will work across the platform. players will be able to fuse other tokens from the various games into RFTs, making trading and potential profit easier. The company is also planning to launch several different additions to the platform functionality throughout 2022. 

The initial 16 games include MIR4, which remains one of the most popular MMORPGs by number of concurrent players on Steam. That game reached 1.4 million players at its peak, and continues to see demand. Wemade promises that they will continue adding more games this year. Other initial titles include Riders of Icarus and Dark Eden M.

For more on WEMIX Play, the features behind having a hub, the full launch games slate, and more about Wemade’s plans for the future, head over to the official site.


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