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Welcome to the Telvanni Peninsula, as Necrom and Update 38 Arrive for The Elder Scrolls Online

The content goes live on PC and Mac today, with consoles to follow.

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The Elder Scrolls Online Update 38 is live today on PC and Mac, along with the brand new Necrom chapter.

Necrom brings us to the Telvanni Peninsula for a new story, mysterious realms, dangerous magic, and conflict over knowledge and power. And that’s just the beginning. The chapter also introduces the Arcanist class, which ZeniMax has been previewing recently, with a look into the Arcanist’s lore, origins, and combat. One of the chapter’s two new companions is even an Arcanist, to be sure that even if you’re not playing one yourself, that you’ll still get some sense of the newest class. However, if you do want to play an Arcanist, the team is granting everyone a free character slot.

In addition to the new areas to explore, and the new companions, there are new world events, a new 12-player Trial, and a number of new item sets. There are two new homes and a number of new furnishing items. There’s a new Tales of Tribute Patron deck as well, adding another way to play and strategize in that card game.

Update 38, as the patch notes reveal, is focused around new quality of life features, fixes, and additional changes. Among them are a way to favorite collectibles to let you sort them up top on the UI for easier access.  some items can't be favorited but most will. Another feature lets you randomize your active mount to one from your full collection or the ones you’ve favorited. Add a little randomness to your session by activating a mount and not knowing which will appear.

Another new addition is improved messaging in PvP Keeps. Among these new messages are ways to make it clearer what happened at a keep your guild has claimed. For example, you may get a chat message or on screen notification saying that X number of guards were killed and how many enemy combatants were in the area. This and related alerts could help guilds organize better and maybe even defend in time.

Overall, Necrom is the bigger, much flashier, mysterious and tentacled big part of the week, but Update 38 is looking to make things more intuitive and smoother. To mark the release of the new chapter, the ESO team will highlight a number of streamers this week, with Twitch Drops to be had. Get those details here.

Necrom and Update 38 make their way over to console on June 20th.


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