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Welcome to Arkesia - New Lost Ark Video Shows off Gameplay, Classes, Dungeons, and Lots More

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 Get a look at the gameplay experience of Lost Ark with a fresh new video out today. The video shows each of the game’s classes , gets into customization and how to make your character unique, as well as some looks at gameplay and the world of Arkesia.

There are five base classes to choose from: Mage, Warrior, Martial Artist, Gunner, and Assassin. Yet, this is only the beginning, as each class gets an advanced form, and once you’ve picked whatever direction you want to take your character in, that’s when the abilities and skills, plus upgrades and more will let you tune everything just how you like it. Your skills can be upgraded up to three times and you pick where to put your skill points. The Smilegate team emphasizes player choices here and a “tripod system” that results in many possible variations to select.

Of course, this is an MMORPG and the world of Arkesia is yours to explore. The mysterious Ark is the mysterious artifact everybody wants, but there will be lots of terrain to explore, characters to meet, and a good dose of mystery along the way. The NPCs and lore characters you meet might be on your side or they may be rivals for the Ark, which you’re looking to restore if you find it. Do that, and face the demon army if you’re up to it.

Speaking of exploration, the preview also shows off sailing. You’ll have to get a sturdy ship and a crew that fits what you need to do. Of course, you’ll be able to customize your ship, find an island to call your own and turn it into your private stronghold.

Other features like dungeons and raids are also previewed, alongside PvP arenas for 3v3 challenges. Being an MMO, lots of these things are standard by now, but this is the most in-depth look we’ve had so far of what they’ll all be like in Lost Ark. It sure looks shiny and packed.

With release set for February 11th, the doors are wide open for lots of reveals for the free to play game. 

For more, head over to Lost Ark.


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