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Week 1 of Defiance 2050's Mutant Free Community Event Ends Tomorrow

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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As a last minute reminder, Week 1 of the Mutant Free Paradise Community event is set to conclude in Defiance 2050 tomorrow.

Week 1’s community challenge involves killing a total of 50,000 Cleavers with these nameplates:

  • Cleaver
  • Mutant Cleaver
  • Formidable Cleaver
  • Experienced Cleaver

If the community reaches this target before tomorrow, every “qualified” player will be rewarded with:

  • Defiance 2050: 6x Solstice Strike Cache
  • Defiance: 1 x Hot Streak Supply Crate + 2 x Premium Ex Inanis Supply Cache

If, however, the community doesn’t reach this target, a smaller reward will be doled out which includes:

  • Defiance 2050: 2x Solstice Strike Cache
  • Defiance: 2 x Premium Ex Inanis Supply Cache

If you’re interested in taking part, keep in mind the rules for this event:

  • Event applies to both games, all platforms and servers.
  • Reward will be applied only once per account, if you have multiple ingame characters then items will be credited to the character with a higher counter. 
  • You can get one reward in Defiance 2050 and one reward in Defiance. 
  • Reward will be sent to every player who has a progression with at least 20 eliminated Cleavers. If target is reached but your counter is less than 20 you’re not getting a reward.
  • There will be no in-game tracking provided, you should make your own tracking if you want.  
  • Task completion will be announced after April 8th
  • Rewards will be send approximately within a week after challenge completion.
  • Event rules and description are not related with the official Defiance timeline or history.
  • Your in-game nickname may be listed in the leaderboard.
  • The average counter that every daily active player should reach to complete this challenge is 30-40. Please note that this number is only for informative purpose.


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