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Webzen Is Pulling The Plug On Mobile MMORPG MU Origin After Five Years

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Webzen is shuttering MU Origin in the West in March after five years of service. The company has shut down the ability to download or make purchases in the MMO at the moment, and while players can still jump in for the time being, the servers will be closed on March 31st.

Webzen made the announcement on the official website on the 17th, noting that they could no longer "keep providing the service any longer at [its] current state."

Via Webzen's website:

"It has been over 5 years that we have traveled the MU continent with you. We are truly sorrowful to announce you that our long journey with MU Origin has to end. We have tried our best to produce a nicer game play environment for you, however we have concluded that we cannot keep providing the service any longer at current state. We are very sad but had to decide to terminate the service of MU Origin."

As such, downloads of the MMO as well as in-game purchases have been disabled as of yesterday. As of now both the Android Google Play store page and Apple App store pages are pulled down. The team at Webzen also mentions that no refunds will be available to players per the current Terms of Service.

The free-to-play mobile MMORPG first hit Western shores five years ago as a spin-off of the popular Korean MMORPG MU Online, promising to bring the MU gameplay players enjoyed to mobile. 

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