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Web3 ARPG Crystals of Naramunz Closed Beta Goes Live - Asserts Blockchain is Optional | MMONFT

Steven Weber Posted:

Crypto Rogue Games, led by gaming industry veteran Åke André, aims to bring a fresh and innovative take to the world of RPGs with their upcoming Web3 title, Crystals of Naramunz. Based on a post-apocalyptic narrative set in the world of Naramunz, the game introduces two opposing factions, The Suns and The Foundation, and revolves around a recurring phenomenon known as the Nexus.

In Naramunz you’ll play as an animal hybrid that harnesses the power of Crystals to battle the opposing faction for control. The game takes a lot of inspiration from ARPG titles like Path of Exile and Diablo. Built to utilize procedural mechanics, Naramunz wants to create a dynamic and expansive gameplay experience that will keep players coming back season after season.

Due to their small, dedicated team, the inclusion of procedural generation assists Crypto Rogue in creating a vast game world filled with unique and unpredictable elements, where players can expect a different experience every time. Dungeons, weapons and even progression will be affected by the procedural generation system

As you could expect from the developer’s name, Crystals of Naramunz is also a Web3 title. In Naramunz you’ll be able to turn your weapons into Aetherials – special NFT weapons that you can sell to other players on gray markets. These weapons will also transcend seasonal resets, so that you won’t have to grind out new items. In a contrast to many Web3 games utilizing Enjin or Immutable X, Naramunz utilizes Beam, which is a relatively new blockchain ecosystem that integrates with Merit Circle’s Sphere marketplace.

In a conversation I had with André back in April, he explained that Crypto Rogue Games has a balanced approach to integrating NFTs. While the game includes NFT items that offer certain advantages, these are designed not to create an insurmountable gap between players who use them and those who do not. The core gameplay remains accessible to all, ensuring that NFTs enhance the experience without overshadowing the game's fundamental balance and fairness.

This is a departure from several recent NFT games that plan a strictly cosmetic approach to Web3 gaming. Currently, it’s still too early to tell whether the disparity between NFT and non-NFT items holds up, but André doubles down on this, stating that the blockchain portion of the game is entirely optional. While any player can find, earn, or craft Aetherials, selling or trading them isn’t necessary, though you’ll miss out on some notable weapon enhancements if you decide not to ascend your weapon.

Crystals of Naramunz has just released their closed beta, which began on June 12, 2024, offering early access to a select group of players to test and provide feedback on the game's mechanics and features. An open beta is scheduled for Q4 2024, which will allow a broader audience to experience the game before its official global launch in 2025. Between a balanced approach to NFT integration, some unique procedural mechanics, and some enticing ARPG gameplay, this could be one to watch for the Web3 gamer looking for a diablo-esque experience.


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