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Weathers: MMO Booby Prize

Dana Massey Posted:
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Marketing to men is a big way MMOs are sold. Sanya looks at how breasts are used by just about every game out there.

Here’s the thing. Marketing is the science of reaching as many people as possible, and hitting as many of their purchasing triggers as possible. Putting imagery on a box is not a study of individuals, or even niches. Men, as a rule, are more visually oriented. Men, as a rule, like looking at nearly naked ladies. So there may be two MMORPG readers who wouldn’t dream of buying a game because of the breasts on the box. The people whose livelihood depends on grabbing your attention (and soon thereafter, your wallet) are going to go for what they know will work fastest on the largest number of people.

So join me on this wonderful tour of game imagery, as the industry puts its breast foot forward.

Read it all here.


Dana Massey