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Waylanders Update Due to Community Feedback, Improvements to Gameplay

First of three updates planned

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest Waylanders update is based on community feedback, bringing about some improvements to combat and more.

The Community Update brings significant changes to combat and character equipment based on community feedback. Also included are new gameplay and equipment changes, improvements to game cinematics, new cutscenes, quests, combats, and over 150 bug fixes. Creative Director, Serio Prieto, noted,

“Combat has been overhauled to feel more intuitive and tactical, character levels now give bigger leaps in progression, and the equipment you use will have more of an impact. We’ll continue to keep these conversations going with the community and you’ll see more improvements in coming updates.”

Battles are more challenging, along with better enemy balance stats and adjustments to the length of battles. The equipment system sees improvements as well with the max level increased from 10 to 25. There’s more UI which will provide more info on abilities, along with several quest fixes. These changes are the first of three updates planned during the winter season. You can learn more about the update here.


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