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Waylanders Receives New Companions, Quests, and More

Alpha gets updated

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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If you’ve been enjoying Celtic RPG The Waylanders, you might be interested in the latest update which brings new companions, quests, and more.

If you recall, The Waylanders hit Steam Early Access earlier this year over the summer. You can check out our impressions here. It also hit GOG’s Games in Development Program later in July. Since then, the game has received several updates.

This latest updates will introduce new companions. The Egyptian sage Khaldun, tricksy musical goblin Trasté, monster hunter Mal, and werewolf pathfinder Rea can now be recruited to join the adventure. These new party members bring the total of recruitable companions in this section of the game to nine.

New loyalty quests were created for Mal, Brigg, and Berath as well. New locations were added too. For example, the new Nettle Cavern and Shaded Cascades areas add optional combat areas for players to test new skills and party combinations. New main quests like Corrupted Circle open up additional areas to explore and added Fateful Encounters introduce random challenges that appear while travelling between maps.

Right now, the game is still planned for a Spring launch.


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