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Wayfinder Gets Stability and Fixes, As Team Promises to Do More ASAP to Increase Capacity and Performance

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The Wayfinder team continued to work on stabilizing the servers and increasing capacity over the weekend.  In a series of updates through the weekend, they continued to inform on plans and progress on the various Early Access launch issues.

The team worked through the weekend to address the various issues. Among them, those attempting to log in were facing, if they could log in, were a number of disconnects. Others were seeing the results of database instability and capacity issues. Another issue that kept popping up was a disappearing queue bug, which prevented people from joining queues. Overall, it was a number of connected issues that the team continued to work throughout the weekend to address.

Ultimately, yesterday, they announced that they had repaired the disappearing queue issue and they were running pretty stable with 10,000 concurrent users.  The devs had attempted to release a database software upgrade to increase capacity further, but they had to roll it back after it was unsuccessful. After proposing a different fix, they weren’t able to successfully test that, and it was scrapped for now. YEt, they ended the weekend with some optimism and promises to do better.

“We know we have a lot of work ahead of us, and tons of improvements to be made. In the mean time, the servers are stable, players are entering the game at a constant rate, and we are not wavering from our commitment to get things into a better place as fast as possible. Thank you everyone for the quite literal overwhelming support,” read a post on the official Discord.

Airship Syndicate had previously announced that players would receive some kind of compensation for all the downtime, server instability, and other related early access launch issues. 

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