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Wayfinder Announces July 20th Stream Where We'll Learn Its Early Access Date, More Details

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Wayfinder announced the date when we'll finally learn when its long-awaited Early Access launch. An announcement for a date announcement, if you will. A stream coming July 20th will tell us that, and more

Wayfinder has been hosting multiple betas over the course of the last seven months, with the last one taking place in May, giving players a glimpse at the new action RPG made by Airship Syndicate and published by Warframe's Digital Extremes. Fully revealed during last year's Game Awards, the early access launch of Wayfinder has seen a delay from its initial release date to sometime this summer, and the stream coming on the 20th should tell us exactly when we can finally dive deep into the world of Evenor.

In a post to the game's social media, the Airship Syndicate team promotes the stream coming to the Wayfinder Twitch channel as where we'll learn when early access will ship, as well as details surrounding Founder's Packs for players to purchase. Additionally, the team is teasing a reveal of the housing in game, as well as details of its Creator's Program for those content creators looking to add the RPG to your stream rotation. July 20th will also see some Venomess gameplay, and finally Founder's Season One content.

The stream will take place on July 20th at 2pm ET/1pm CT/11am PT on the official Twitch channel. If you're interested in how Wayfinder's has shaped up in the beta, check out Steven's thoughts on the final test from May. 


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