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Watch Dogs Legion Online Mode Launches On Console And Stadia Today, Delayed On PC

Tactical Ops Coming March 23rd

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The online mode for Watch Dogs Legion has finally arrived on all platforms except PC today, bringing players together to romp around a near-future city of London together.

Ubisoft's anticipated online mode for Watch Dogs Legion has come to Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X and PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 consoles, as well as the Google Stadia version today, though with some caveats. Tweeted out late last week, the team identified some issues with the mode's Tactical Ops missions, meaning that while players can join in on regular missions, the Spider Bot arena or just cause mayhem on the streets of London, the story-driven mission mode won't be launching until March 23rd.

However, it's worse news for the PC scene, as that version is delayed. Ubisoft cited issues with certain GPUs that caused Watch Dogs Legion to crash and the team wants to ensure that the problem is fixed before launching on PC.

The new online mode brings the open world of London to groups of players with the same format as the mainline game, with a few twists. You'll still be able to unlock virtually any NPC you see on the street as a DedSec agent, though these will now cost Influence points, a new currency which you unlock through gameplay. 

We had a chance to go hands-on with the online mode in Watch Dogs Legion earlier this year, and while we enjoyed the mode, it does leave much to be desired overall, especially when it comes to replayability of some of the missions.


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