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Watch Dogs Legion Online Mode FInally On PC Less Than Two Weeks After Console And Stadia Launch

Bring your friends to near-future London

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Watch Dogs Legion's online mode has finally come to PC today after being delayed indefinitely when the mode hit consoles and Stadia earlier this month. The PC version arrives with a 14.4GB patch, but allows players to form up with their friends and tackle what near-future London has to throw at them.

The online mode of Watch Dogs Legion brings players to near-future London, grouping up to recruit more agents for the in-game resistence, DedSec. Players are able to tackle co-op missions together, as well as the story-driven tactical ops missions in the new online mode. Or you can free roam, recruiting London's citizens to join you or try your hand in the Spider Bot arena. 

Taking place a short time after the main game's storyline, Watch Dogs Legion's multiplayer mode allows players to recruit virtually anyone they see, much like the base game, though with a caveat. Players will now have to spend a currency, called Influence, to recruit people to their roster of agents. You'll earn Influence by playing the game, leveling up and completing missions. Some agents will cost more Influence than others based on the starting skills and equipment they bring to the table.

The online mode itself is fun, though we question how much fun it will be over time - especially citing the lack fo a central identity that makes games like GTA Online so compelling. You can read our full thoughts on the mode from our hands-on last month.


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