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Watch An In-Depth Tales of Tribute Tutorial Before High Isle Comes to The Elder Scrolls Online Next Week

The remaining four decks have also been revealed.

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With the High Isle chapter set to come to The Elder Scrolls Online in just four days on PC and Mac, there's a brand new tutorial for the deck building card game that will be included in the new chapter, Tales of Tribute.

With the ramp up to release, there has been even more info coming out about what we can expect. The card game itself was revealed and subsequently we got several preview blogs about the cards, the card decks and their corresponding patrons, and we got introduced to our host and info source, Braghas, who will be voiced by actor Billy Boyd. 

Now, Creative Director Rich Lambert goes into an in-depth tutorial on how to play Tales of Tribute. The accompanying 7-minute video will take you all through the game and show you what it looks like if you haven't had a chance yet. The update is available on the PTS but if you haven't been able to check out the testing build, or perhaps you plan to play when high all releases for consoles on June 21st, now you can get a jump on  what playing a round looks like. 

Tales of Tribute will let you play against another human opponent or an NPC. You’ll have access to four card decks initially, each with its own strategic focus and patron. Each player selects two decks to use in the round and both players will have access to cards from all four decks during play, so you’ll have to respond strategically. To win, you’ll have to earn 40 Prestige or earn the favor of all four patrons. This is only the beginning. 

The video shows off the eight available decks, revealing the remaining four, as yet not formally revealed decks to be: Ansei Frondar Hunding, Red Eagle, King of the Reach, Sorcerer-King Orghum, and Rajhin, the Purring Liar. 

You can watch the in-depth tutorial for Tales of Tribute above, and head to The Elder Scrolls Online for the accompanying blog.


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