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Watch 10 Minutes of New Blue Protocol Gameplay, Including Combat, Environments, and Bosses

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There’s a new 10-minute gameplay video showing off content from Blue Protocol. Bandai Namco’s upcoming MMORPG will be heading for release in the West in the second half of 2023, and it looks like more peeks will continue coming. There’s even a way to sign up for updates on beta and eventual release.

As for the newly released gameplay video, it’s a variety of what you might expect from MMO play, like battles, abilities, monsters, and a look at different zone types and even bosses. However, if you’ve paid any attention to Blue Protocol, or even if you haven’t, the visuals will stand out. There’s a familiar anime-inspired style and, at times, fast pace and even some colorful transitions and powers, but the environments shown off range from fields to caves, to indoor areas. Giant creatures slam their arms down. Another boss seals off a circular arena with purple fire. Attacking a giant armored boss with power. These can all be described, but seeing them is another thing entirely.

The video is just all types of gameplay and isn’t too structured, so a boss fight could switch into footage of a party riding mounts on the road, running into a new area, into a city with lit signs, then back to mounts in a field, points of interest, cute creatures, and towns. Aside from this, you get an idea of what Regnas might be like. The 10-minute gameplay video is simply meant to show off the beauty of Blue Protocol, as well as some of what it might look like in action. There is also a quick look at character creation. 

Amazon Game Studios will publish Blue Protocol, and they’re already taking signups for updates and closed beta on the new English language site for the game. Of course, with release set for the second half of 2023, it will be a while before there's any real news of a closed beta, but log in with an Amazon account and they'll send you updates along the way. There will be a test for Japanese residents pretty soon.

For more, and to sign up for updates, head to Blue Protocol.


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