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Warhammer: Odyssey's Slayer Class Revealed

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Slayer class for Warhammer: Odyssey has been revealed.

The Slayer duel-wields axes for high sustained single target DPS, or can serve as tanks with AoE damage enhanced by taunts and damage resistant abilities while using 2-handed battleaxes. The lore for the class, shared via press release, is also pretty interesting,

“In every Slayers’ past, a misfortune has befallen them that left them shouldering the burden of shame. Loss of family, honour, failure on the battlefield or being forsaken in love can all unhinge a Dwarf's obsessive mind. When this happens, they abandon the fellowships of family and clan alike to lead a life of self-imposed exile, dedicated to seeking a mighty doom. Travelling to the Shrine of Grimnir in Karak Kadrin, they undertake a ritual committing themselves to this future. Their heads are shaved into the iconic plumed crest and their names are carved into stone, the only remnants of their former self as they set forth on their path of death and destruction.”

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