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Warhammer Odyssey Shadow Warrior Class Revealed

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Warhammer: Odyssey’s new class was revealed today, called the Shadow Warrior. Here are the details.

The accompanying press release provided some lore on the new class,

“Malekith, the Witch King of Naggaroth, threw his world into chaos during the Sundering, the civil war that saw his powerful magic forces aim to take control over the world of elves. When the devastation subsided, the kingdom of Nagarythe lay in ruin. The survivors, left with no true home, became nomads and soon gained a reputation as masters of guerrilla warfare and deception, attacking from the shadows with both sword and shield alike, and then vanishing into thin air.”

In terms of skills, the Shadow Warrior can fight up close or at a distance. When used at a distance, the Shadow Warrior is meant to slow down the enemy for crowd control. Up close, they are best used with stealth and positional attacks due to their low fortitude compared to other classes. Weapons include a two-handed bow and dual-wield swords.

You can learn more here.


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