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Warhammer: Odyssey First Post Soft Launch Patch Brings Balancing and a Drop Rate Increase

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Warhammer: Odyssey is just a couple short weeks out from its global soft launch, and the game will see its first patch bring some welcome changes, despite the team acknowledging that there’s still quite a lot left to do.

The fixes  to Warhammer: Odyssey in patch 1.0.4 crossed several different categories, from questing and character balance to performance fixes. There were a few notable changes that will affect all players, such as:

  • Drop rate for Remarkable gear has been increased.
  • Greatly increased the ability to zoom on the map
  • More mobs required for certain quests have been added to reduce camping.
  • Increased the amount of damage from elemental damage-over-time effects.
  • The amount of Guilder obtained from First Time Sovereign purchase has been corrected (increased).
  • New “UnlockFPS” toggle in Audio/Video settings to allow for 60 FPS gameplay.
  • The ‘Quest guidance arrow’ will no longer switch to a Side Quest when completing an objective from MSQ.

While there are many issues pending in Warhammer: Odyssey that players are hoping will get fixed, the team has teased that more information is on the way, as they prioritize gameplay, grouping, and some new content that they will outline on their social media accounts soon. Another notable feature is that the Guilder obtained from the first-time sovereign purchase has been corrected, but that correction is to reflect the amount of bonus sovereigns that are awarded. Now, the tooltip will match the number of sovereigns received.

Warhammer: Odyssey has had a creeping soft-launch with Google Play reviews trickling in, and over 50K downloads at the time of this patch. W:O aims to bring an MMORPG experience more aligned with traditional PC MMORPG mechanics over modern mobile MMORPG’s that have released recently.


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