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Wargaming Exploring New Spaces with Hack-n-Slash ARPG Pagan Online

Suzie Ford Posted:
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Wargaming has announced its partnership with Mad Head Games to develop a new type of title for the game giant. Pagan Online is an "intense action RPG" with plenty of hack-n-slash action all set in the pre-Christian era's mythology. Players will face off against "hordes of savage enemies and ancient vengeful gods". Wargaming is expecting Pagan Online to launch in 2019. Interested players are invited to head to the official site to sign up for beta testing events called "Trials".

Pagan Online is a new take on hack-and-slash a RPGs, featuring challenging and fast-paced combat, powerful combatants, endless gear, and tons of gory glory. Following in the footsteps of classic dungeon crawlers while tearing down and reinventing gameplay into a MOBA-style combat experience, this game will have MOBA players begging for one more run and RPG disciples wondering what just hit them.

In Pagan Online, players will engage in intense and strategic sessions of carnage across a variety of environments. Missions are highly replayable, with numerous game modes and difficulty levels on top of a lengthy single player mode that will be continuously updated with episodic content expansions called “Battle Chapters”. Whether players are interested in mowing down enemies with ease, testing their mettle with brutally maleficent mayhem, or competing with friends for bragging rights, Pagan Online offers a sadistic spectrum of challenges to overcome.

Check out the trailer below and then head to the Pagan Online page to learn more.


Suzie Ford

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