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Warframe's Upcoming Update, The New War, Will Hit This December

Adds 30+ hours of free story content

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Warframe is gearing up for its next major update, an update that was initially teased back at TennoCon 2018 and again earlier this year, when The New War hits servers this December. The new update brings with it over 30+ hours of story content completely for free for Tennos.

The update itself is a "story-based Cinematic Quest" designed to take players across "16 planets with 3 Open Worlds," according to a press release by developer Digital Extremes. The update, which will hit all platforms next month, is designed to give players a non-stop action story of "self-discovery."

In order to prep players, the team at Digital Extremes is launching what it's calling Prime Resurgence. This will give players the ability to unlock some of Warframe's most powerful, and most rare, Prime Warframes. Prime Resurgence will kick off on November 16th in the effort to give players plenty of time to dive into it ahead of December's launch of The New War.

"Prime Resurgence gives players an opportunity to instantly unlock or earn a selection of Warframe’s rarest and most powerful Prime Warframes, the Prime Vanguard, on a rotating basis through the expansion’s release in December. An extension of Warframe’s Prime Vault program, Prime Resurgence will reward players with unprecedented access to 18 Prime Warframes and gear previously retired from Warframe’s reward tables and will bring a wealth of long-awaited content to players on all platforms."

To celebrate the announcement, Digital Extremes released a new trailer for The New War, which aims to add even more challenges, environments and more to the free-to-play looter MMO. The New War also adds Warframe's 48th Warframe to the MMO, as well as new characters for Tennos to jump in as and explore the world. You can check out full details on the Warframe website. While December is listed as the launch window, no exact date for The New War's release was given.


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