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Warframe's 'The Deadlock Protocol' Hits PC This Week

Consoles to follow

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Warframe’s latest update, The Deadlock Protocol, is headed to PC this week.

The update is set to bring new visuals, an original storyline, revamped gameplay, and more to the early environments of the game. The Deadlock Protocol introduces the Corpus Faction’s dramatic origin story through richly re-crafted environments that integrate iconic new visuals and gameplay elements to reinforce the money-worshipping cult’s rise to power.

Corpus’ early environment is getting upgraded, including gameplay. New challenges will be introduced, included a new Jackal boss fight across multiple sequences. Additionally, you’ll be tasked with investigating the Corpus Faction’s desperate ploy to break their board’s political in-fighting.

You’ll learn a small Corpus sub-faction has begun a devious plan to resurrect the faction’s founder, a revival posing an alarming new threat to the Origin System’s balance. Additionally, you’ll be able to investigate Protea’s origin story where you can uncover technologically advanced weapons from the new Corpus Armor Set. These include Primary Rifle to the Gunblade Melee, new Kitguns throughout the update as indicated by the press release.

The Deadlock Protocol will hit PC first, with consoles to follow. It remains a free update. While you wait, check out the trailer below:


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