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Warframe's Prime Resurgence Gives You Another Shot at Prime Warframes & Accessories Before The New War

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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From today through January 25th, Warframe’s Primary Resurgence is going on. The New War, the next expansion, is coming in December, so take advantage of this event to get geared up for the major update to come. 

Every week, there are two previously vaulted Prime Warframes, along with accompanying weapons and accessories released. You’ll have the chance to get them unlocked before they go back to being vaulted. These will rotate during the event so if you want a chance to get anything you’ve missed, you’ll be able to login every week to play for them or unlock them via a new currency, Aya (which you can earn) or Regal Aya (which you can buy in the shop).

What else can you do during the event? You can earn the new resource, Aya and you can access those Prime Warframes, weapons and accessories with Regal Aya, exchange your Aya for Void Relics or your Regal Aya to unlock them instantly.

Regal Aya is the premium option you can purchase in the shop, but you’ll still be able to play through and earn your unlocks. From now until November 23, you’ll be able to unlock Mag  and Nova. When you buy a Regal Aya pack, you can unlock any of the Prime Warframes or accessories. You cannot trade or refund Regal Aya but you can trade void relics. There are different exclusive items that you can only get with it too.

If you miss out on anything you’d like during the rotating weeks, there will be last chance weeks in January where you’ll see two additional unlocks as well as everything from weeks 1 to 4 and everything from weeks 5 to 8 once again.

For more on the event, all of the upcoming rotations, how to trade, and more, see the official event hub over on Warframe.


Christina Gonzalez

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