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Warframe's Octavia Prime Now Live Across All Platforms Today

Dancing Her Way Onto Your Chosen Screen

Joseph Bradford Updated: Posted:
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Warframe's popular frame, Octavia, is now live on all platforms for the looter-MMO today, bringing the dancing heroine to Prime Access.

To celebrate, the Digital Extremes team released a flashy new trailer, showing Octavia Prime in action, dancing her way through enemies all around her. The Prime Access frame gives Octavia a new look too, with golden hoop earrings, boombox legs and a Shawzin across her torso. 

Digital Extremes says in the press release that the demand for Octavia Prime "Access underscores a large Community movement generating thousands of inspired Mandachord and Shawzin-created songs that have exploded across YouTube and Warframe’s forums ranging from the Beatles, Queen and Michael Jackson to Warframe’s own theme songs from The War Within and The Second Dream." They go on to highlight a player named Baffoon who has created over 3,600 unique Manachord songs in Warframe.  

Recently Warframe previewed its upcoming slate of Spring content, including new Railjack battles in the upcoming content drop. Also, Digital Extremes announced they were running a new player experiment to help collect data on how new players interact with the crafting experience after the tutorial, which you can read about in our previous coverage.


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