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Warframe's Night of Naberus Event Has Begun

Plus console updates

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Not only do we have the Day of the Dead going on in Warframe, the new event Nights of Naberus has started.

If you visit, Daughter is dressed up in costume and will be handing out limited-time rewards in exchange for Mother Tokens in her special Naberus-themed store in Necralisk. One of the rewards you can get was shown on Home Devstream #7, the Whispering Naberus Mobile. The mobile will give you nightmares as you listen to the eerie tales narrated by Grandmother. That’s not all! You can get in the spirit of Nights of Naberus with an assortment of other rewards like Glyphs, Emblems, Skins, and Blueprints. Do not sleep on this event like a rotting corpse because all these rewards will be gone Monday, November 9th, at 11 am PT/2 pm ET.

warframe night of naberus

If you prefer to play on console, you can expect a whole plethora of changes today. Here are just a few changes that the PC players have enjoyed in the interim update 29.2.1:

  • Warframe’s overall file size has been reduced on consoles just like the PC:
    • PS4 is down from 41GB to 22.6GB
    • Xbox One went from 64GB to 31.2GB
    • Switch actually increased in size, but this update is not the update that will reduce the texture file size. Right now, that is at a later date because the Switch compresses textures differently than the other consoles.
  • Much needed Xaku changes! Now deals neutrally effective Void damage with Xata’s Whisper, disarms quicker with Grasp of Lohk, and now Xaku does increased damage with Deny. 
  • Helminth Railjack Resource changes.
  • The Oscira Tenno reinforcements bundle
  • And different colors for your Velocipod K-drive

Do not forget, Inaros Prime Access is ending soon, and Nezha Prime will be in my arsenal on October 27th if I can farm the relics fast enough. Don’t worry, I will be up all night farming Nezha Prime just for you. 


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