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Warframe's Latest Devstream Showed Off Protea, Deadlock Protocol, Railjack, More

Plus a WFH video of the team

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Warframe’s latest stream showcased Deadlock Protocol, the Railjack, and more. Read on for details.

The stream showed off what it was like for the team to be working from home with a short video. It then dove into Deadlock Protocol. It’s set to arrive in May and will feature a Jackal Boss Fight Refresh which includes more phases, more modern animations and looks, more tricks from Jackal.

Additionally, this update is set to look into the lore behind the Origins of the Corpus. Also, the freshly revamped Corpus Ship displays a new statue of a golden hand. Players can earn Greed Tokens while fighting, and can redeem them at the statue offering a variety of options including a Corpus purgatory realm (similar to a “Rush Mode”). Finally, it was revealed that the new Warframe Protea will have a story quest.

Railjack is set to receive a substantial refresh and quality of life update to core functionality. Additionally, Protea’s animations and abilities were shown off including a grenade shrapnel Ability; a protective grenade (re-generates shields, etc.) Ability; a turret Ability; and a dispenser Ability that created special high-powered and extra pick-ups. Alt-Time Rewind enables you to spam your Abilities without cost, and more.

Nightwave Season 3 is set to begin in early May. The stream received a first look at the new reward tiers and debuted the new interactive diorama of glassed victims and how players can discover clues of Nightwave’s shared murder mystery.

Lastly, the team demoed a first look at the Community-Created “Broken Frame”, the second Warframe of 2020. You can watch the full stream below.


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