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Warframe's Heart of the Ordis Valentines Day Event Returns

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Heart of Ordis returns to Warframe featuring the return of several items.

The event runs through February 17 at 2p ET. The following items are returning:

  • Valentine Color Picker - 1 Credit
  • Eros Arrow Skin - 5,000 Credits
  • Eros Oro Ornament - 50,000 Credits
  • Donwyn Glyph Bundle - 80 Platinum

Meanwhile, discounts are at hand from Darvo for weapons and cosmetics. Keep in mind, this discount excludes any TennoGen and any bundle which includes a bow or crossbow.


  • Attica
  • Ballistica
  • Cernos
  • Daikyu
  • Lenz
  • MK-1 Paris
  • Mutalist Cernos
  • Paris
  • Zhuge


  • Ballistica Forest-Camo Skin
  • Ballistica Tekelu Skin
  • Cattaril Arrow Skin
  • Daikyu Ormolu Skin
  • Meer Arrow Skin
  • Paris Forest-Camo Skin
  • Paris Kintsugi Skin
  • Paris Nocturne Skin
  • Sylus Arrow Skin


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