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Warframe's Grendel and The Kuva Lich are Coming Soon to PC

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Digital Extremes have announced the arrival of Kuva Lich and shared Grendel’s image, both of which are coming soon to Warframe on PC.

Announced via press release, Kuva Lich is described of constantly terrorizing players, requiring the Tenno to gather clues to hunt down the Kuva Lich. However, every time the Lich is hunted, it will evolve and grow into a new form, absorbing Tenno abilities, and varying the next encounter.

Grendel is the 42nd Warframe to be announced and can be constructed from parts acquired free in-game or purchased in the Marketplace, standalone, or as part of a bundle, which includes Grendel's signature weapon, alternate helmet and Syandana.

Melee changes are coming as well, with Phase 2 making close quarter combat more streamlined and intuitive. The Old Blood update will feature a reworked Combo System that makes initiating, chaining and ending combos seamless and intuitive, the addition of Heavy Attacks that enables enemies to be lifted, and much more, Melee Changes: Phase 2 equips players with deadly, versatile tools for close quarters encounters.

Speaking of The Old Blood update, here are some additional details,

  • Vauban now comes armed with new explosive toys to play with, plus added mobility and lethality to complement his penchant for immobilizing and damaging groups of enemies.
  • Ember's new Immolation gauge makes using her an engaging challenge where precision is key. Casting Abilities will build up the meter and generate defensive armor for Ember, but if it overloads and flames out, a powerful wave of damage will be unleashed and leave her exposed.
  • Titania's Deluxe Skin Collection creates an aesthetic capable of mesmerizing and striking fear into enemies. The Deluxe Collection includes a regal new Skin for Titania, variants of her signature Diwata and Pixia weapons, a new Armor Set, and a new Gunblade Skin.
  • For those looking to add a spookier presence on the battlefield, breed the brand new vampiric Kavat, Vasca.
  • Add sleek visual flair to your Kavat and Kubrow companion with an Armor Collection themed after the Tigris shotgun.

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