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Warframe's Deimos: Arcana: Update 29.5.5 Is in Certification for Xbox

Yeah, this is a large update

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Good news for Xbox Warframe gamers. Deimos: Arcana: Update 29.5.5 is currently in certification for your platform.

As a note, this will be the final update for 2020 on Xbox. However, that doesn’t mean the team is done working. The next few weeks will see the game addressing any issues and releasing hotfixes. As to what’s included in this update, you can look forward to three new TenoGen Bundles which include skins, helmets, and more.

Xbox One-specific notes include:

  • Deimos Achievements: The new Challenges that launched with Heart of Deimos were not launched as Achievements simultaneously on release. We will be looking at bringing these in the new year. 
  • Made systemic micro-optimizations to all code on Xbox One.

The update also introduces new controller additions and changes, general isolation vault changes, and a bunch of new isolation vault encounters. As expected, this is a pretty extensive update, and the patch notes prove it.

If you want to read said patch notes, head over to the forums here.


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