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Warframe's Dante Unbound Update Detailed, With Dante's MMO Caster-Inspired Kit, New Mission Type, and More

Inaros gets a rework, and the Warframe team is already talking TennoCon

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The Warframe team held their latest dev stream today, revealing more about Dante, with a full showcase, the new mission type, Deep Archimedea, announcing an Inaros rework, TennoCon 2024 ticket sales, and much more.

The next major update, Dante Unbound, will launch in March. The 56th Warframe, Dante, is coming, and features his own Exalted Weapon, the Tome, Noctua. Dante’s kit is inspired by MMO casters, and if you love Warframe and classic MMOs, then Dante just might find a place on your roster. When summoned, Noctua replaces any secondary weapon and he can cast a number of skills. Final Verse, his ultimate finishing ability, changes based on the pattern of abilities used to create spell combos. Use Light or Dark verses to tell a story and get what you need in a particular moment. Dante is about flowing through combat, using those verses, and 

Cast Light verses enough to get some regeneration. Your options vary depending on which of the four verses you combo. Allies might gain access to their own limited versions of Noctua to use. Maybe you’ll summon some big owl-like creatures, called Paragrimms, to fight with you. Or unleash Slash damage on enemies. You have choices.

There’s a new mission type on the way, Deep Archimedea, that blends three existing mission types in a new challenge that requires playing through them in succession without any breaks. That’s not the only challenging part. The composition of Deep Archimedea will rotate, changing weekly. This means you have a limited time to play through the current  Mission string and grab some of Warframe’s best rewards.

Speaking of rewards, Gruzzling, a new loot goblin, is a Murmur faction enemy you’ll want to seek out and make off with the goodies. There are also new weapons coming to the Entrati Disruption mission.

Also covered in the new dev stream was the rework of Inaros on the way. Digital Extremes’ latest rework will overhaul his passive and base kit, turning Scarab Armor into its own ability, replace Devour with a faster version of Sandstorm, and giving Scarab Swarm a chance to summon some friendlies to assist. 

The team announced that TennoCon 2024 tickets will go on sale in March, and the Warframe team will be at PAX East in Boston, along with voice actor Ben Starr, who will voice Arthur in 1999.


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