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Warframe's Corpus Proxima and The New Railjack Update is Available Now!

Steven Weber Posted:
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Digital Extremes has released their latest update today, which brings a streamlined Corpus Proxima and the new Railjack to Warframe.

The update to Corpus Proxima sees what Digital Extremes calls a “re-imagining” of space battles, bringing action packed space-faring gameplay to those interested in exploring the Proxima. Tenno will experience improved flight and combat, and be required to command their crew, experience new missions - Orphix and Volatile, and marvel at the improved Railjack layout.

For a complete breakdown of what players can experience with the new update, a 22-minute dev workshop goes into great detail, breaking down everything from the what’s changed with obtaining the Railjack (now also available for purchase with platinum), to managing your crew and all things Railjack.

The new streamlined experience will make it much easier for players to not only obtain a Railjack, but to manage it as well. Players will no longer need a Dojo or Drydock to own a Railjack. COO Sheldon Carter had this to say about the latest update:

"Integrating some of our players' favorite gameplay, like Necramechs and adding new core Warframe modes, into this new update transforms Corpus Proxima and The New Railjack into something more unified and essential. This update is so incredibly diverse."

-Sheldon Carter, COO Digital Extremes, Warframe

The update also features new modes, including expanding Orphix mode for space battles, players will be able to board enemy ship, hunt and collect Arcanes, and crack relics to unlock Warframes like the Ash Prime. The Corpus Proxima and The New Railjack are just the latest updates to Warframe, as the game continues to expand with Call of the Tempestarii planned for later this Spring! 


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