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Warframe's Big Jade Shadows Update is Here to Keep You Busy Until TennoCon

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Warframe’s Jade Shadows update is here on all platforms, with the return of The Stalker in an all-new narrative cinematic quest, the 57th Warframe, Jade, a new game mode, and much more in this big mainline update ahead of next month’s TennoCon.

Jade Shadows is the new  cinematic quest. The Stalker is back and as you play through this quest, you’ll discover an impactful truth, and then some. This quest should bring some things in Warframe full circle. 

Jade is here, with the Jade Light to serve you as a way to destroy or to support others. Inspired by choirs, songs, and life and death, Jade can use three weapons, the Eversong Bow, Cantare throwing knives, and Harmony scythe. With her  abilities, she can help allies and hurt enemies, depending on how you want to play her as a support role. some of her abilities will apply judgments, which will increase  an enemy's vulnerability to damage by a whopping 50% for 10 seconds. What she creates are opportunities. 

Her first ability, Light’s Judgment, A well of light that will heal your allies and hurt your enemies and inflict Judgment. Follow up by using her second ability, Symphony of Mercy, where she can use three songs that will strengthen your allies, lengthening the chosen song by killing enemies with Judgment upon them. Her other abilities work similarly where she can strike hard,  slow enemies, even revive allies from a distance. Earn her blueprint through completing the Jade Shadows quest

There’s a brand new Eximus unit to face, the Jade Light Eximus.

After you complete the Jade Shadows quest, you can then take on the new mod and new operation. Ascension is the new mission mode. Corpus forces are closing in on you in a stronghold and you have to pull off an emergency evacuation through a series of elevator shafts bearing enemies. Earn yourself some Motes you can exchange for parts to unlock the newest Warframe for yourself. Belly of the Beast is the newest Clan Operation that follows the events of Jade Shadows. 

This being a huge update, it should keep everyone busy for the next few weeks as Digital Extremes plans to welcome everyone to another TennoCon. 


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