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Warframe's 9th Anniversary Event Brings Five Weeks of Gifts, Garuda Prime, and More

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Digital Extremes is marking Warframe's 9th anniversary with a series of special advanced, rewards, and a continuation of the PUBG Mobile crossover event.

In order to mark nine years of action gameplay and evolving story, players will be able to get weekly gifts over the next five weeks. These gifts will include Dex skins, armor, glyphs, weapon slots, and some premium accessories. Making her debut just in time will be Garuda Prime, which is now available via Prime Access. Garuda Prime is the Prime variant of Warframe Garuda, with more power to show for it. You can tear through enemies with her razor-sharp talons if you unlock or earn this new Prime Warframe.

The first batch of gifts arrives today and you'll be able to find Dex Sybaris + Weapon Slot, Dex Nouchali Syandana, and Weekend Credit Booster waiting for you when you log in. Next week, on April 4th, you’ll be able to grab Dex Furis + Weapon Slot, Excalibur Dex Skin, and a Weekend Affinity Booster. The gifts, which have all been announced, will continue every Monday through April 25th.

Players can also pick up a new Initiate pack across all platforms, which will boost your arsenal instantly with a Warframe, some platinum, customizations, and more. There will also be real life anniversary merch available for the celebration, including some you can unlock access to as a reward. 

The recent crossover event for PUBG Mobile and Warframe is still going strong, and will be running through April 19th. you'll be able to bring content from Warframe into PUBG Mobile and the battle royale’s flagship map, Erangel. Completing event missions will also let you unlock Warframe skins for PUBG Mobile too.

For more on the anniversary event, the complete list of weekly gifts, and all of the details on Garuda Prime, see the special anniversary page over at Warframe.


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