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Warframe Update 'The Deadlock Protocol' Available Now on Consoles

Bringing Remastered Missions and a New Warframe

Garrick Durham-Raley Posted:
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Warframe's most recent update The Deadlock Protocol is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

The remastered The Deadlock Protocol update brings new visuals, sounds, and gameplay elements from Warframe's earliest environment. The update also adds 2020's newest Warframe to the roster, Protea. This is the 43rd Warframe available whose abilities include throwing clusters of shrapnel grenades, placing a rapid-fire turret, and dropping a temporal anchor which can rewind Protea to safety. The press release notes that, "nearly every aspect of the Corpus' early environment has been upgraded, starting with gameplay."

The Jackal boss fight has been renewed and offfers fresh challenges that has been extended across multiple levels. There is also a new currency called Granum Crowns that, "open up a wild variety of gameplay options, including being transported to a surprising new Corpus netherrealm." Additionally, almost all environmental wall, corridor, and room now supports the new parkour mobility. You can read all the changes in the link above.

In other Warframe news, check out 'The Steel Path' Hard Mode that was recently outlined, and you can read some of our impressions on the new Deadlock Protocol update.


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