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Warframe: The New War is Out Today, With Story-Driven Exploration, Answers, and a New Warframe

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It’s time to dive back into Warframe with the new expansion, The New War, which lands on all platforms today. This new expansion aims to be a cinematic story driven addition to all the content Digital Extremes has already released.

When it comes to story, that is at the center of this expansion, with the anticipated culmination of the ongoing central story quest. This time you’ll journey across the planets and different worlds trying to restore balance to the Origin System, an interstellar ecosystem that could use some help. Play through and you’ll also be able to find out answers to some of the long-running secrets and mysteries like what the truth is behind the whole conflict in the first place.The story included here runs across three acts, told from different perspectives, and the developer does promise that this will lead directly into what the future will hold for Warframe

Of course, The New War also includes tons of action. In addition to the story content, there are new features as well. There’s a whole new Warframe, Caliban,  an Arsenal with new customizations, accessories, and weapons and more.

Caliban and comes from the wreckage of the old war taking his place in the new. He comes with resist damage, via his passive ability called Adaptive Armor, as well as attacks like smashing the ground with Sentient Wrath and Fusion Strike, where you can pull three streams of energy on a single point to create a huge blast. All enemies hit will lose their armor and be open to finish them off.

Of course, along with the release of a new expansion, there are also several supporter packs for people who want to purchase bundles, including ones that let you instantly unlock Caliban. The update also brings Harrow Prime Access, we’re players can unlock or earn him if there’s a hole in your lineup.

For more on The New War, check our recent preview and head to the Warframe site.


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