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Warframe Reveals Citrine's Last Wish Update, Launches In February

Lays Out QoL Update Details, Valentine's Event

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Warframe hosted their first dev stream of 2023, kicking things off with details surrounding the next update to the looter shooter MMO. Citrine's Last Wish will launch next month, while the team also shed some more light on upcoming quality-of-life improvements like cross-play and cross-progression.

Citrine's Last Wish comes to Warframe in February 2023, heralding in the 52nd Warframe for players to unlock in the game. The content will see players travel to Mars to complete Mirror Defense Missions, while also earning Citrine's blueprints to craft the frame. 

Citrine wields a deadly scythe named Corufell, that can deal damage with charged blasts at range, as well as the new Steflos, a short-ranged weapon that increases its power with each enemy hit in succession. Warframe's Citrine's Last Wish will also feature the first-ever Facial Visage Ink cosmetic kit in the market (think Tattoos), new skins, and much more. 

Star Days, Warframe's Valentine's Event kicks off on the first of February in Fortuna. New glyphs are available this time around, as well as returning rewards, such as the Left and Right Hand of Eros emotes, Eros Wings Ephemera, and more. The event runs through Wednesday, February 15th.

Finally, Warframe's dev stream touched on a few of the ongoing quality-of-life features that have been in the works for a while now. The big one: cross-progression (called Cross Platform Save) is on track, with testing completed on trading, account linking, and other technical issues that need to be ironed out before it can roll out with cross-play as it currently exists.

Warframe Mobile is currently in iOS closed beta testing, sitting at the maximum they can invite currently. The plan is to open it up to more players and send invites in the coming months, keeping the test running through the Spring ideally with additional planets and quests.

You can check out the full stream here in the embed below. 


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