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Warframe PlayStation 5 Build Coming November 26th, PlayStation Anniversary Planned

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Tennos running Warframe on PlayStation, eager to check out the MMO on their next (current) gen consoles won't have long to wait now as the PS5 build hits on November 26th.

Digital Extremes made the announcement in conjunction with the details surrounding their PlayStation anniversary event, but first the next-gen build...which I guess we can now start calling current gen, right?

PlayStation 5 users will be able to enjoy the Origin System in a "whole new way" according to the developer. This means improved dynamic lighting (though no mention of ray tracing specifically), as well as 4K resolution at 60 frames per second. Additionally, because of the SSD in the PS5 means faster loading times for PS5 players.

For those wondering as well, it will have crossplay support with PS4, meaning your friends who haven't been able to get their hands on a PlayStation 5 will still be able to explore Warframe with you.

It's also the 7th anniversary of Warframe on PlayStation and the team has something planned for Tennos should they take part.

Take part in our 7 Year Anniversary celebration before December 2 at 2 p.m. ET by logging in to Warframe and receiving the Paracesis Obsidian Skin, Obsidian Monast Sugatra, a fully-built Forma and a 3-Day Resource Booster! Plus, complete limited-time Anniversary Alerts to earn Noggles, Weapon Skins and more! The Azura Excalibur Glyph and the PSIV Color Palette are also available in the in-game Market for 1 Credit for a limited-time only. 

While it's hitting PS5 this week, there isn't any real update on the Xbox Series X version of Warframe, though we'll likely hear about it soon once this rolls out. 


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