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Warframe Plans Upcoming Livestreams To Talk Soulframe Transition, Veilbreaker And More

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Developer Digital Extremes is planning multiple upcoming livestreams to get players ready for the next updates coming to its MMO universe. Streams starting ahead of Gamescom will dive into more about its upcoming Soulframe title, as well as look ahead to Vielbreaker.

Both Soulframe and Veilbreaker were announced during last month's TennoCon 2022, and these newly planned streams are designed to dive a bit deeper into each. The first, Soulframe, is being dunned the Soulframe Dev Transition Stream. Digital Extremes describes it as a "coming together in community first fashion" to pull the curtain back on the development moving forward for both Soulframe and Warframe. During the stream, DE is planning on releasing a 4K announcement trailer, as well as answering questions from the Warframe community.

This stream will take place this coming Monday, August 22nd at 11am PT/2pm ET on Twitch. Players can actually head to Soulframe's new website to claim their in-game names as well ahead of the stream.

Meanwhile, Warframe proper is getting its regular Devstream (the 163rd of its name) next Friday, August 26th at 11am PT/2pm ET. Warframe Devstream 163 will be diving into the first real look at the upcoming Veilbreaker update with hands-on gameplay featuring the Grineer Kahl-175. The stream will also take a look at new QoL features, as well as a look at the 50th playable Warframe, Styanax.

Also, if you missed it during TennoCon 2022, the Duviri Amphitheater will be open during the stream on all platforms, letting players experience the upcoming Duviri Paradox's game world for a bit ahead of its Winter 2022 launch.

Lastly, September 1st will see its next Prime Time Stream at 3pm PT/6pm ET, with players joining Megan Everett and other Warframe community team members as they play the MMO and take questions, host giveaways and more. Keep in mind that there might be spoilers on this stream of the narrative if you're not caught up.


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