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Warframe Planning Patch to Address Angels of the Zariman Issues and Opens the Prime Vault Again

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Angels of the Zariman launched two weeks ago, and Warframe will get a patch soon to fix certain issues and follow up on community feedback following the update. There’s also a new opportunity to grab some Warframes that are back out from the Prime Vault for a limited time.

The latest Prime Vault release lets you have an opportunity to grab Zephyr Prime and Chroma Prime. Both can be unlocked on any platform with the purchase of a Prime Vault pack or earned in game. Zephyr Prime originally debuted in 2018 but was reworked last year to improve abilities and give Zephyr better crowd control. Chroma came in 2015 and Chroma Prime in 2018. Now, you can get your hands on Chroma Prime to unleash elemental damage with style as you can use different types with accompanying colors. 

The planned update, currently dubbed Angels of the Zariman 1.1 (but this might change) will be coming soon. The team has already released a handful of hotfixes to address the most pressing issues, but there is still more work to be done. This patch will also get console certification so that initial hotfixes and anything requiring code integration will happen in this update for console releases.

Their goals in this update will be addressing top player feedback that needed more time to get right. Feedback on Void Sling made it clear that players wanted to be more mobile in the mode. Digital Extremes had originally tested more movement options but cut them down for the final release. Now, they’re working to add options and make them feel right. 

Overguard will also get some tweaks, but the team isn’t ready to discuss it in finer detail yet. “We’re currently experimenting and reviewing different options to address varying islands of feedback,” but promise that all feedback is being considered. Also coming in this update will be the rest of the Incarnon weapons originally shown in devstream 160. 

There’s no date for the update yet, but you can read the announcement and community responses over at Warframe.


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