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Warframe Nidius Prime Update Brings New Weapon and Operation: Plague Star

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The latest update and rotation for Warframe has Nidius Prime making his debut on all platforms and the return of Operation: Plague Star. Nidius Prime is the 33rd Prime Warframe, and if you want Nidius, just more powerful and more customizable, he can now be yours to unlock via Prime Access or through Relics available in the returning Operation: Plague Star event.

Speaking of the event, Operation: Plague Star returns and is live now. It will last from September 8-30th and there will be plenty of opportunities to join a full scale defense of the Plains of Eidolon on Earth. Along with it, plenty of loot and rewards, including weapons and Nidius Prime Relics. Collecting enough of these Relics will grant components that you can use to unlock Nidius Prime via gameplay.

Although the event is a returning one, Digital Extremes is keeping things fresh with the introduction of a new weapon, the Ghoulsaw exclusive to event loot. The Ghoulsaw is a weapon capable of side attacks, heavy hitting combos, and aerial attacks, so it's looking to be a good one to have in your arsenal. 

Also debuting with this update is the Revenant Mephisto Collection. This addition to the Market features a skin for the Revenant Warframe. Some changes in the mix adjust Yareli's movement ability, changes to the way Merulina Dashing works, and applies a series of stat changes across Yareli's abilities, giving Sea Snares a 60% increase to seek speed and increased bubble visibility slightly to show casts better. Aquablades gets 25% more range and 50% more damage and duration. RipTide also increases radius by 25%.

Warframe is also marking its seventh anniversary on Xbox with special in-game options and new giveaways each week lasting through October 4th. New customizations, Xbox exclusive skins, and more fun will rotate weekly in the market for 1 coin each.

Find out more about the Nidius Prime update here.



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