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Warframe Looks At Protea In DevStream 138

Tennocon 2020 Dates Also Announced

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest devstream for Warframe took a look at Protea, while the date for Tennocon was announced.

First things first, Tennocon is set for July 11th, 2020 in London, Ontario, Canada. The team also mentioned their mobile app has received localization to all supported languages as well, with Korean coming shortly.

The stream then touched on the upcoming Operation: Scarlet Spear and The Deadlock Protocol. Specifically for The Deadlock Protocol, this was the first time we heard Protea. They also shared a few details including:

  • Skinkies and shotgun sounds were used in the sound design of her kit
  • Her form actually changes as she deploys her various abilities, similar to how Gara can shatter her glass
  • The sounds are built up in modular ways (the deployment sound, firing sound, impact sound, etc.) because they need to be able to change to reflect any modding done by players -- whether it’s to change fire rate, or other things!

A new operation HQ was shown off for Operation: Scarlet Spear, in addition to a look at the Railjack ship enemies. Check out the full stream below:


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