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Warframe Launches Second Annual Quest to Conquer Cancer Charity Drive

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It's October, and in addition to all the thoughts about Halloween and festive moods, it's also Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Warframe has a special event all month, Quest to Conquer Cancer, to raise money to help the cause.

During the month of October, Digital Extremes and Warframe streamers are united to raise money through direct donations through Twitch Donor Drive and through new charity merch for the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation in Toronto. In 2020, the event raised over $100,000, so they're hoping for another successful run.

In order to lend your support and take part in some Warframe action, you can tune into a roster of streamers and members of the Warframe team in action throughout the month. You'll be able to find Twitch streamers participating in the fundraising efforts and the latest tallies throughout the month over on the campaign page, and will be able to donate if you'd like directly through Twitch's Donor Drive option or directly through the campaign page itself.

Another way to lend your support will be through new merch options. Since the color for Breast Cancer awareness is pink, there will be some pink merch on offer and even the opportunity to get a pink charity themed floof in the game. If you buy the Conquera Collection or the Conquera Kuaka Floof plush, you'll get the prize. All net proceeds will be donated towards the cause and will also count in the donation tiers.

Those donation tiers? Well, once a new reward tier is unlocked via community donations, there will be lots of rewards successively unlocked for your enjoyment. In-game content across platforms in Warframe will unlock with new goals, meaning the community is leading the way. Among the prizes are a Conquera Glyph, affinity boosters, a Conquera ribbon, a new concept art reveal from the upcoming The New War expansion, and more. Find all the info on the campaign on the Warframe site.


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