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Warframe Launches Chimera Update While Glitch Lets Players Jet Around in Dark Space

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Warframe's Chimera update is now live for PC players that bring a pair of new weapons and the new "Arbitrations: Lethal Alert" system into the game. Players can also take part in Daily Tribute 2.0 and will find brand new Precepts. And this is only the tip of the iceberg.

After completing the Star Chart, you’ll unlock a new Mission Type called Arbitrations. Survive against Level 60+ enemies to earn new rewards and bigger payouts than normal Alerts. These Alerts rotate between endless Missions around the Star Chart every hour. But there’s a catch -- you only get one life. No Revives. You die, and that’s it. These Alerts also add a few other wrinkles to the gameplay, but we’ll let you discover those on your own.

In addition to bigger reward payouts, completing these Alerts will also give you Vitus Essence, a Resource used to build new cosmetic items. Seek out the Arbiters in the Relay to learn more.

Digital Extremes is also hosting a Dojo Decoration Contest that can earn a special trophy for a player's clan or the Dojo could even be featured on the Star Chart.

You can check on the update notes on the Warframe site.

In other Warframe news, players discovered a glitch over the weekend that let them literally walk in space. The glitch centered on breaking one of the Archwing missions by not putting on a jet-propelled exo suit. As a result, they bugged into space in humanoid form. 

One player told Kotaku: "I eventually got to Erpo when I then remembered I don’t have an archwing. Out of curiosity I clicked on the nodes [to start the mission] just to see what would happen. The countdown began and I figured it would just boot me out once the mission started, but to my surprise I saw a loading screen. I expected it to just give me some placeholder archwing, but I just didn’t spawn with one at all."

Eurogamer was able to recreate the bug:


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